Holland Mills
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A contract or position as software developer / technical project manager.
Ideal employment would employ my excellent analytic and problem-solving faculties, as well as strong technical writing, interpersonal, and organizational skills.

Independent Consultant 1997-present

Served as technical lead for RWC, a software system built for a leading news service which integrated Web and Windows technology. Oversaw development team, handled technical documentation.

The RWC system involved a Win32 client executable built in Delphi and PERL scripts running on a UNIX server. Related contribution systems that I became involved with used Java, either to replace the client executable or as CGI programs replacing the server-side entity.

Software Developer
MetaView Inc./GreatWay Technology, Belmont MA

Designed and developed user interface aspects of SmartMessages, MetaView's paradigm for distributed applications. Implemented new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for MessageBuilder 1.x, a minor CASE tool which supports SmartMessage class definition and storage, generating code in a variety of languages, and advised on several design issues. Implemented the SmartMessage Editor and Store. Authored MessageBuilder 2.0 design and implementation specification as well as many other technical and user-oriented documents.

Implementations employed Visual C++, initially using MFC for all three products. The Editor and Store were standalone console server applications with companion CGI clients, and were later ported to Rogue Wave's Tools.h++ and run on UNIX workstations.

Software Consultant
Nadler & Associates, Watertown/Brookline/Acton, MA

Developer for numerous projects targeting the various MS-Windows operating systems. Often carried primary responsiblity for UI design and implementation issues. A sampling of project descriptions: resource compiler, generating both .RC and .RES scripts; handling of telephony API under MS-DOS; GUI implentation and design for "Visual SQL" tool to construct and manipulate SQL queries; function wizards; dynamic dialog construction based on user script files; SmartMessage Editor, a Web application implemented in C++ and TDL (a LISP-like language which supports self-describing objects) which generates JavaScript/HTML pages.

As required by project, authored numerous overview and technical documents. Subjects encompassed design and implementation documents, project and schedule overviews, and general technical articles. Implementations made extensive use of class libraries such as MFC and Rogue Wave's Tools.h++ and DBTools.h++.

Software Consultant
Creation Mechanics, Jaffrey NH

Product and user-interface consultant for Doodle Garden, a graphical implementation of genetic programming. Developer for GP-GIM, a framework tool for other genetic programming implementations. Both projects targeted MS-Windows 3.1 and were implemented with Borland C++ 3.1 using OWL 1.0 and Sequiter Software's CodeBase library.

Principal Developer
Heartbeat Software, Waltham, MA

Principal designer and sole developer for two commercial Windows database applications: Oh Baby! and Shopping for a Better World. Projects developed in "straight" C using Borland C++ 3.1, CodeBase, and Blaise Computing's CPalette library (custom controls); Visual BASIC used for prototyping.

Principal member of development team for Instant Access, a network-ready relational database business application for Fortune 500 clients of a custom manufacturing firm. Developed for DOS using Clipper 5.01 and numerous third party libraries (data dictionary utilities, user interface libraries). Reviewed, recommended, and incorporated numerous third-party libraries and utilities for use in projects.


C++/C (esp. MS DevStudio/Visual C++), Java, HTML/JavaScript, Visual BASIC, many flavors of xBase/Access database tools, Delphi, TDL (Teknekron Definition Language), REXX and similar batch languages.


MS-Windows: 95, NT, 3.x; UNIX; OS/2; MS-DOS.

Columbia University, New York NY
Department of Continuing Education, Computer Technology and Applications Program

Software Development. Emphasis on C programming under MS-DOS, MS-Windows 3.1, and UNIX.

University of Redlands, Redlands CA
Master of Music, Music Composition

Specialized in electronic and computer-assisted music. Graduated summa cum laude.

Bennington College, Bennington VT
Bachelor of Arts, Music Department

Liberal arts undergraduate education. Primary focus: music composition and performance (flute), and Zug, a UNIX chess-playing executable.

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