Software Links
A good starting point for PC and Mac shareware and freeware. In 1996 it absorbed
Their weekly email 'zine Download Dispatch is an excellent source for new and updated goodies which actually deserve attention.
The WinSite Archive
This archive is devoted to the various flavors of Windows, including Windows 3.1. Somewhat selective offerings.
Another PC-oriented shareware repository. It absorbed the InfoWest Windows 95 Software Archive.
Java Software
Inaccurately entitled Code Generators, this page is nonetheless an excellent starting point for Java development.
The New Hacker's Dictionary
Cybercentric humor, alphabetized for your referencing ease. Old but fairly good.
Hacking in the 90s Hacking for the 90's
Accessibility is quite erratic.
The connected surfer is rewarded with hacker stories, manifestoes and methodologies that manage to rise above long-winded writing and dated topics.
DCC - x86 Machine Code Decompilation
The home page of a 1993 80386 machine code-to-C decompiler. Unsupported and of slight practical value, but nonetheless of solid historical value.
Currently, the best Java decompiler available. Inexpensive as well.
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