Rock Links: MIDI, Vendors, Transcriptions, Events
Win95 Sound Utilities
A handsome selection of Win95 audio utilities, mostly players of the various audio formats (CD, WAV, MOD, MIDI, MPEG).
Musician's Net
A decent music software archive combined with a so-so consumer e-zine.
Harmony Central - Music Software for Windows
A good selective list of links.
Harmony Central - Music Software
Links to music software for a wide variety of major and minor operating systems.
Harmony Central - MIDI Tools and Resources
Links to MIDI-related information, including software and hardware.
Cakewalk Music Software Home Page
Vendor homepage for the premier music sequencer for Windows.
Creative Labs
The source for the SoundBlaster audio card, as well as other Creative Labs products.
MidiMan's sound cards are known to be the top of the line for digital recording, but lack on-board MIDI support.
Sonic Foundry
Vendor homepage for Sound Forge, reputedly the best digital audio processing tool out there.
Buster's Music and Guitars
A source for guitars and guitar-related equipment, books and video.
Caveat emptor.
Used Sound
Another source for audio gear, guitars and amps.
Caveat emptor.
SakaE's Index
Japanese links to audio content, presented in english.
Ticketmaster Event Guide
Probably the best way to find the next concert for any band on tour.
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