Notes And Acknowledgements

Holland would like to thank...

Benjamin Mills as the graphics master responsible for the Sybaritic logo used throughout the site, the triangles graphic on the home page as well as beta tester.

Patricia Mills for the Hegel article and support through all those unorthodox times.

Cambridge Interactive for hosting this website.

About the Software

The two Java applets used on this website were inspired by software found in the public domain on the Web. While I assume full responsiblity for the website's software, the following developers deserve credit for their original implementations.

D. van der Schaar devised several disparate applets which employ various effects on text and images. I replaced the applet usage with a framework that incorporated these transformations into a single entity, added some effects, and negated any restrictions on the type of content (text or image) usable by the effects. Further, I extended or otherwise modified several of the effects, as well as adding a few. Most of the transformations can be found in the better (and expensive) digital image processing books I've seen, but unfortunately as mathematical matrix operations and not as source code.

E. Gaillard is one of many developers who have built a chessgame-viewing applet. While his applet runs well on his site, it does not operable correctly once downloaded. I modified the applet to address such problems, and changed the basic use of the applet so that a single game is displayed initially. I also made other modifications to address layout and a variety of other user interface issues.

Coming Attractions

The tactics treatise will be re-formatted in the style of the site, and much additional material will be added.

The chessgame-viewing applet needs performance improvements, both in load-time requirements as well as responsiveneses. Further, a new API which accepts an arbitrary position would allow it to be used in the tactics treatise. I may re-engineer it as an ActiveX control.

Once legal permissioning issues are resolved, expect more outstanding articles from the pen of Pat Mills.

While not scheduled for the short-term, I hope to make various original utilities or other software-related materials available at this site. | Contact Holland Mills | Last updated 30 November 1997