Contemporary Culture
A wonderfully simple dictionary/thesaurus service in the form of e-mail database query.
Send e-mail to, and shortly thereafter a reliable response awaits in your e-mail account. The subject field indicates the type of word lookup desired and the word itself.
  • subject: define someword
    Returns a definition of someword.
  • subject: synonym someword
    Returns a lengthly thread of words related to someword.
  • subject: acronym SOMEWORD
    Returns the definition for the acronym SOMEWORD.
ESPN SportsZone
The finest sports news, columns and features. Updates on ongoing events and breaking news are found here first.
Baseball fans must check out GameCast, providing real-time pitch-by-pitch of games in progress in one of the best Java applets around.
Dave Letterman's Top Ten Archives
Recently renewed text search of consistently funny topical comedy, spanning his past five years on CBS. A good way to find a decent joke.
This link seems to be renamed on a weekly basis, so if you get a "Not Found" message, try
Music news and reviews, concert Netcasts. MTV/VH-1 for the Web.
Salon Magazine
Fluff culture, which after all does deserve its place.
The Boston Phoenix: Features
The Boston Phoenix is essentially the Village Voice of Beantown.
This link connects to their weekly features, which aren't too bad for human-interest and politic opinion.
Boston, the Hub of the Universe
A collegian's view of his hometown, with an excellent collection of links.
Job-hunting in the cybereconomy.
JobSmart Northern California Job Search Guide
Another launching pad for scouring the job cybermarket.
Lesko U.S. Government Giveaways
Caveat emptor. As in freeware, you often get what you pay for.
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guide
A Web-based Consumer Reports for the American automotive consumer.
Bukowski Biography
A short biography of the poet/writer, with a few links. | Contact Holland Mills | Last updated 9 December 1997