Chess News, Game Archives, and Utilities
The Week In Chess by Mark Crowther
The best chess newswire, updated weekly.
Daily updates on the truly major chess tournaments which occur four or five times a year.
Inside Chess Online
An abridged e-zine version of the fine monthly publication edited by GM Yasser Seirawan.
Bertrand's Chessbook Reviews
Periodic reviews of new European chessbooks.
Bertrand in Dutch
Periodic reviews of new European chessbooks, for all those Dutch readers out there.
Chess Space
An extensive and well-categorized index to a variety of chess resources.
Chess Variant Pages
Rules for hundreds of chess variants, as well as links to software (including chess variant-playing programs).
Deutscher Schachbund
German-language chess news, links, and other resources.
WDR Schachseite
Current chess events and archives courtesy of a major German TV station.
Germany has frequent tournaments and matches of interest; this website provides excellent coverage, with a decent CGI mechanism to step through played games.
IECG Collected Games 1961-1995
A comprehensive source for games in PGN format.
This archive appears to be dormant as of 1995; nonetheless, this is a critical resource for the serious electric correspondence player.
University of Pittsburgh Chess Page
A comprehensive games archive with an excellent materials section.
Another great resource for the cyberplayer.
Internet Chess Library
Another database of games and software. Infrequently updated, somewhat dated material.
One of the better shareware utilities for email chess players.
The link goes straight to the download area, as I have found Spanish connections to be troublesome, and unfortunately the main page ( features a large picture map.
Chess Informant
Chess Informant is the world-wide publisher for current chess theory.
They are the publishers of the thrice-yearly Chess Informant, which contains the best and most theoretically relevant chess battles in the past few months, as well as the fabled Encyclopedia of Chess Openings. While not cheap, these publications are notable for quality in all aspects.
Chess Organizations
The International Email Chess Group provides free email competition, particularly the yearly IECG Cup tournament as well as one-on-one matches and class tournaments. They once had an affiliation with the International Correspondence Chess Federation, which has since lapsed, but steps have been made to renew it so that a world e-mail chess champion may be crowned and recognized world-wide.
The IECG had a major organizational meltdown in late 1996, but seems to have resurrected itself quite nicely.
The International Email Chess Club provides free email competition in a variety of formats, though the quality of competition is not as strong as the IECG.
Organizationally, they appear to be quite solid.
The International Correspondence Chess Federation
This organization, in existence since shortly after World War II, is the universally recognized world body handling the more traditional form of correspondence chess.
Chess Tournaments and Matches
World Chess Championship 1997-1998
FIDE attempts to resuscitate flagging corporate sponsorship to crown a World Champion with a controversial format. The absence of the two top players in the world, Kasparov and Kramnik, as well as conditions extremely favorable to Karpov dampen the legitimacy of this contest. Nonetheless, the extraordinary number of grandmasters taking part in a single-elimination tournament is unprecendented, and should produce scintillating sidebars if not high-quality games.
The preliminary rounds take place 8-30 December 1997; the final rounds take place 1-9 January 1998.
Chigorin Memorial Tournament
Mutilingual coverage of the tournament, featuring five of the top ten players in the world.
The sixth edition of the Chigorin Memorial took place 11-21 November 1997.
Rebel vs Yusupov 1997
Website covering the success of the commercial software program Rebel against GM Artur Yusupov in their June match.
A rematch is due in 1998.
Kasparov vs Deeper Blue, May 1997
IBM's round-up of the fabled man-against-machine match.
Kasparov-Kramnik, Linares, 16 Feb 1997
The game score for my favorite game of 1997; it is difficult to find where Black goes wrong. Kasparov's sure'n'steady squeeze of the Black position is an outstanding example of leveraging a small positional superiority. Further, this game was for first place in one of the stronger tournaments in the 1990s.
There is a reasonable CGI interface to go through the game move-by-move, though the interface used by WDR Schachseite is somewhat better. All depend on a reliable connection, which can be tricky if intercontinental.
Novgorod Tournament
Website for a strong Russian tournament held annually during the summer.
Super Torneo de Ajedrez, Gran Canaria
The electric home of the yearly chess SuperTournament held in December. | Contact Holland Mills | Last updated 15 December 1997